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New Sig Sauer P365 recommendations

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Hello Grifff,
Any problems with failure to fire? 
What type of defensive ammo due you carry?

Hey Frank,
I haven’t experienced any failures of any kind. Mine have faithfully ignited all types of ammo.
I usually buy several boxes of whatever premium HP 115 or 124 grain I can find, run a magazine or two through and save enough to load out for carry. Next range trip, start with what is loaded up, move on to fmj bulk, rinse and repeat.


--- Quote from: MikeInTexas on July 28, 2023, 10:43:18 AM ---b9, I like your confidence in having multiple carry pistols for different situations.  I also do that.  Too many internet 'experts' these days discourage it as if you can't functionally master more than one tool. 

--- End quote ---

Mike, I think the manual of arms for a belly gun is so limited that just making sure the R9 or Seecamp is loaded and functional is all that is necessary.  I shoot each about once monthly, usually only 1 mag point and shoot at 3 and 5 yards (some times 7), then clean and put away.  The Sig I work with more carefully, shooting at distances up to 30 yards, working on grip, presentation, trigger control, etc.  Thus, in actuality, I only try to “master” that one pistol.  Works for me.


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