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R45 Delays = New Ideas?

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   I am an ardent R9 user and look forward to the R45 and I've spoken personally to Karl about it on several occasions.
The idea of a "more capable" round than the 9mm standard pressure [R9] is always running through my mind and
thus the thought of a R45 in .45 ACP sounds ideal.  Many members have already posted about the intrinsic difficulties
of getting a compact, let alone a "micro", .45 to feed/cycle/eject reliably.  So, that makes me wonder about other "R9's":

    Member reactions please to:

The R38 in .38 Super?
The R40 in .40 S&W?
The R357 in .357 SiG?

Hey, it's a Forum, just getting reactions to any or all of these ideas.  Any one may be easier for Karl to make.

Hey welcome to the forum Wildcat.

Just as few thoughts off the top of my head.  First of all, I like the idea of the calibers, and think that they would sell for sure.

However, I can see how they can be more headaches for the factory.

If you add the 9mm in to mix, it is the softest recoiling caliber of the bunch. Right now a lot of folks are really having a lot of feeding and ejecting issues due to the inability to stabilize the pistol correctly.  Many blame the gun and send it back to the factory for a check up.

Now add a 40 cal which is snappier than a 45.  How many more folks are going to have issues, even those experienced with the R9s?  Big difference between a 9mm and 40 in the recoil department.    Now, the 357 Sig, not quite as bad, but more so than a 9mm.

Now, a 38 Super, which I LOVE!  Those semi-rims can really pose feeding problems.  Add a short cyclic recoil system, may spell trouble?


From a marketing side - yes!

From manufacturing/customer service- no!

That's my view from the saddle

Richard S:

Welcome to the Forum!

I think Reinz has hit the "10 ring" with his analysis.

Wildcat.  Indeed, welcome to the Forum and what Reinz, a very knowledgeable "multi-gun" owner, said.   

The R45 isn't THAT small - so something like a 38 super comp, or a 9x23 win might work - 38 super can work fine - my open gun is a 38 super, and I haven't had any jams in...  Well, at least 8K rounds. 

I do like how it is a ballistic twin of 357 sig, but pushes like a very mild 45. 

But, the R bros have to make money - and that will, probably, be easier w. a 45. 

9x23 is a great caliber - probably the best choice going for competition guns, certainly a better choice than 357 sig in any platform which can handle a cartridge w. the 9x23's OAL. 

But, it didn't really catch on. 


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