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Unfortunately, a high volume of spam members attacking the forum has required me to change the approval process so it requires manual approval by me.  So far, this has been 100% effective at stopping spammers, with relatively few problems.

The registration instructions request that you send me an email to ensure your quick approval -- which will usually be within 24 hours.

If you don't follow the instructions and instead send me a nasty email weeks later questioning my work ethic or otherwise expressing your dissatisfaction with the process --- don't expect a gracious welcome.  I'll still approve your membership (probably), but we generally operate on a friendly and professional basis here.  This is not an exclusive club, but you aren't my customer, and membership is by invitation and approval.  Common courtesy, and not being a spammer or troll, is all that is really required.

Sorry if that sounds unwelcoming, that is not my intention.  We want to continue to cultivate a great forum of Rohrbaugh fans!  I hope to hear from all of you.

Much needed and if someone doesn't understand the security and doesn't like it then they are most likely up to no good.

Go get 'em, Duane---you 'da man and many thanks for neutralizing the troll invasions on this forum.

Good luck Duane!!!
If they can't take a joke forget em eh!😎
Your doing a great job,thank you!

Duane: I think that this smart move will finally say "Hasta la vista baby" to the spammers!


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