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Rohrbaugh serial number 600


Karl or Eric,  What can you tell me about serial number 600 made for Mr Hedley the holster maker?  Thank you, Robert  You can email me at

Do you have pictures?  600 should be Deer Park and have black carbon fiber grips.  No USA on slide meaning it doesn’t have the re-centered firing pin or updated slide alloy. 

My pictures will not load???  Sorry

Good Morning Robert,

I do have some information about the Hedley R9 for you, however, right now I'm busy just up with an online prayer service this morning and now the wife and I are going to work outside for a while to clean up the winter leaves and get some air. I will be back here later on today or tomorrow at the latest with some particulars, of which, really, they are not much over a standard R9 other than the trail of this S.N. R600 being done for R.J. personally by me. All good. . . . . . "Talk to you all later".   Peace.

Eric R.

Thank you


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