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Sorry for some more down time and weirdness!  We are having some database errors and we may need to do something drastic.  I know everyone want to preserve all the info in the forum.

Tech Guy is working on it.  Not sure if we will have to throw some money at the problem...  I will report back when I know something more concrete.

-DDGator (Duane)

Thank you Duane. Whatever we need to do, I believe it would be worth it. The people here and the information and history of the R9 Series Pistols, the design that started "The World's Smallest and Lightest 9mm Handgun" craze, should continue on!
As I told my brother Karl at the time:  "There's only one number one, and we have to be that one!"
I said that to him in the fall of 2001 as we were coming into 2002 just post the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks.
And by golly, we made it happen during the January 2002 S.H.O.T. Show!


Hospitalized w/covid;  would be happy to help when/if I van.

Duane - Many of us have helped in the past and I'm sure would be willing to do so again.  Its been several years, and if I'm not mistaken its probably time again...

BackupR9 - I hope you get better soon! Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery my friend.


--- Quote from: backupr9 on February 11, 2022, 09:02:25 AM ---Hospitalized w/covid;  would be happy to help when/if I van.

--- End quote ---

Get well soon!!!!!


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