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Difference in barrel lettering

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I have a late 4k series and a mid 6k series.   I noticed today that the lettering on the 4k one is etched,  and the lettering on the 6k one is darkened.   I was curious when this happened.

Both have the U.S.A. slide.

My s/n 747 barrel "9mm" is etched; I don't see what difference it makes.

I don't know that there is really any difference,  just curious since there was a difference and I hadn't actually noticed it before.

Eric posted a detailed explanation of the different markings as related to the different production changes at different times.  Unfortunately, I canít find the post in my Bookmarks.  Someone here will likely have it and, hopefully, post it again.

This is an easy one:

The top barrel was made in-house and 9mm is engraved.

The bottom barrel was made by Storm Lake and the 9mm is laser etched.



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