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Why I love Rohrbaugh


Over time the Rohrbaugh pistols evolved.   The little changes here and there made for some cool and collectable variations of our beloved guns.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Feel free to add pics of your rare Rohrbaugh guns.

And a couple more....

The Rohrbaugh R9 is beautiful in its efficient design for carry and fun in its variations over the years of production.  Collector enthusiasm aside, I value my R9’s as the single best and by far the most comfortable small 9mm carry piece ever made, assuming of course that careful lubrication and maintenance is provided.  Sadly, proper assessment of the “Pup’s” design intent and reasonable expectation for circumstances of use (short range self-defense, point and shoot) are all too often missing from the posted online opinion sites.  “Horses for courses” would seem to make sense.
Marte Suo Tutus


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