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Sorry! Forum Down-Time

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The forum was down with server issues for about a week.  Fixed now...  Sorry about that.

Also having issues with the forum email account that have not been fixed, so please use for now if you need me.

Thanks!  Hope you all are celebrating the Memorial Day weekend.


Have a great weekend! Went to Mazzaro's yesterday to stock up. I love that market!

Thanks for keeping this place alive.  Got a bit worried, LOL.

Have a save and joyful Memorial Day.


Missed coming here, was relieved to see it back on online!   

Are we to a point again Duane where some of us regulars could pitch in towards hosting costs?  It seems like just yesterday we did that, but it was probably ten years ago in reality if I had to guess.  I know you probably wouldn't ask, but I wanted to offer.  I appreciate the time and effort that you and TechGuy put into keeping things running behind the scenes.
I thought I lost a bunch of my friends!


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