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Title: **Attention DD Gator**
Post by: TW on May 23, 2005, 07:43:28 PM
>>Duane...  Below is a cut and paste of the response from Crimson Trace regarding CT Grips being made for the 9mm Jennings...same song I got about the Rohrbaugh.  Maybe we are both just lucky because CT plans to make grips for our favorite guns...?...naaaaaaaaa...TW<<

Dear TW,
Thank you for your inquiry.  
Crimson Trace does not currently make Lasergrips to fit the 9mm Jennings.  However, we do periodically get requests for this model and may develop a Lasergrip for it in the future.  No release date has been scheduled yet and it will likely be at least a year or more before it is on the market.
Our team of engineers is continually working on new product development.  To answer your question, regarding the logic behind our development process - we look at customer demand relative to domestic gun sales by several categories (consumer, LE, military, government) and develop products to serve the largest market.
Best regards,
Nate Hoke
Customer Service Director
Crimson Trace Corporation
8089 SW Cirrus Drive
Beaverton OR  97008
Title: Re: **Attention DD Gator**
Post by: R9SCarry on May 24, 2005, 12:08:39 AM
Haha - TW - that has to be the ol' faithful pro forma they use eh. ;D

"Crimson Trace does not currently make Lasergrips to fit the {INSERT MAKE HERE}."  :P :P :D :D

I love CT's and think they do great but am now thinking of asking  - ''any chance of any CT's for my Iver Johnson''??  :o
Title: **Attention DD Gator**
Post by: TW on May 24, 2005, 12:23:49 AM
>>Rub it in,  Good idea about the Iver Johnson.  Might go next with my NAA Mini Revo...what do you think...?...!!

I really don't like to be BS'd.  But for BS, it's a rather nice letter, actually.  Sometimes, but not always, they even include the name of an employee...or so they say.  It does, however, make me wonder just what kind of numbers commitment it would take for them to do R&R.  Given todays tools, technology, and mostly COMPUTERS...I really wonder how much work it would take to do the R&R...I suspect not as much as one might initially think.  I say this having been involved in a gun project or two myself.  Wonder, wonder, wonder...??...and ?...TW<<
Title: Re: **Attention DD Gator**
Post by: R9SCarry on May 24, 2005, 12:55:48 AM
haha - forgot the NAA mini LOL!

Despite technology TW - I do think R&D is probably considerable even so - and that is always costly.  I am an engineer and some ways back did the ''D'' part of R&D - lot of work - Sample #1 - sample #2 - and so on . Always having to ''evolve'' the item because so often despite best efforts - no way to get it right in one.  Murphy comes in to that too!

Even when the prototype is felt ideal - I'd say a fairly extensive useage test then needed .... is ''on'' button or pad in right place for most hands ... and so on.

I'd guess for the project to be viable ... marketing would have to see a guaranteed ''N'' sales over a finite period - so that costs are recouped quite fast and then a good profit margin ensured.

Maybe I'm too sympathetic - but all that aside - for me, their product is absolutely stellar.
Title: Re: **Attention DD Gator**
Post by: DDGator on May 25, 2005, 12:53:39 AM
He He He.... Thought so!  ::)

It would be kind of fun to just start sending e-mail for every piece of crap out there.  Or better yet, make one up.

"I am inquiring about Lasergrips for my Zap-Tech Megablaster 500..."

That woud tell you if it is completely automated or not...

Seriously TW, if you want a straight answer, go ask on the CT forum.  I see people actually get some info there on the R&D in progress.
Title: **Attention DD Gator**
Post by: TW on May 25, 2005, 03:36:54 AM
>>OK, Duane...rub it in, why don't ya...!  Rather than harass the CT folks with ideas for every gun on the planet - I still like my idea of focusing on the R9...!  Even if no one else wants to - Maybe if I send in a new letter to CT every day I will at least get a response from a human at some point - ya think...?  Or maybe I will just take it to the CT Forum.  Thanks, BTW, on the heads up on that forum...!...TW<<
Title: Re: **Attention DD Gator**
Post by: DDGator on May 25, 2005, 04:27:12 PM
Hey!  I sent my e-mail to CT.  I am doing my part.  The other is just kind of fun...  ;D
Title: Re: **Attention DD Gator**
Post by: EdMan on November 06, 2005, 02:17:48 AM
That looks like the exact -- except for the name of the pistol -- same response I got three times when I asked about laser grips for the Kahr MK9/MK40.

By the way the Crison Trace Laser Grips on my wife's S&W 342 Revolver work great.

Title: **Attention DD Gator**
Post by: TW on November 06, 2005, 11:51:07 PM
>>Hi EdMan...!...

The CT Grips I'm really excited about/waiting on are the soon to be coming user installed aftergrip (my name) for the Glocks!  First plan to deck out my G26 and G30.  Yeah, baby...!!...TW<<