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Title: Spare Mags
Post by: GeorgeH on August 13, 2004, 09:14:23 AM
This week I ordered a couple of spare mags. I intend to buy some more in the future (I like to have at least 5 mags per carry gun). So I'm wondering, have any of you picked up more mags. (I also ordered 5 sets of replacement recoil springs, so I could shoot the gun more without concern.)
Title: Re: Spare Mags
Post by: R9SCarry on August 13, 2004, 12:11:34 PM
George .. thus far no - haven't got more mags.  Have two spare recoil springs tho.

For most part two mags does me OK but ... later when I receive #2 gun, I'll probably use one spare mag from #1 ... giving me three for general use with #2.
Title: Re: Spare Mags
Post by: 9mil.mouse on August 13, 2004, 01:41:22 PM
George, no, haven't bought more mags and may not. The two original mags have been working great, no problems at all, but I don't carry a spare mag for the Rohrbaugh. If Rohrbaugh ever offerers a 10 shot spare mag with a pinky finger extension, I'd buy it in a flash and use it for the second mag, but right now the Rohrbaugh is usually strictly a BUG for me, in my opinion, the world's BEST backup.

Love the gun, it's superb, but personally, I still shoot larger pistols, like compacts, better, and can reload them much faster. I've been interested in the discussion here not too long ago, about fast mag changes for the Rohrbaugh. I've tried this but am still way slower than I like.

It's not the butt latch that slows me down, I actually like that and am used to it on some other pistols. I understand why it's there on the Rohrbaugh. It's having to grasp the mag, move the latch, pull the mag out, get the new mag, then having to move the butt latch backwards again with the new mag to insert it, then rack the slide.  Of course, a tactical reload would make the process faster by not having to rack the slide. Still, it's way slower than I like for me.

And hah, who says we don't have full discussions of both the good and bad about this great little piece.  ;D
Title: Re: Spare Mags
Post by: R9SCarry on August 13, 2004, 02:21:49 PM
9mil ..... Re mag changes ... I agree it is not as easy as, say, the ''1911 drop method'' ... but I have practiced a bit and find that one or two small things are important.  You may well have come to same conclusions but - I'll put up a new thread soon hopefully with my own comments - just in case they help a wee bit, for anyone come to that.

I'll come back and edit to add link when it's done.


Here we go then ..... Mag changing (;action=display;num=1092420791;start=0) ..... FWIW!
Title: Re: Spare Mags
Post by: BillinPittsburgh on August 13, 2004, 03:10:55 PM
I always like to have at least 4 (for a pocket gun) to 6 (for a primary gun) spare magazines per serious gun.  For the pocket gun, I'll load 2, and use the other 2 for practice.  When I change my clocks to/from daylight savings time, I clean the practice magazines, unload the serious ones, load the practice ones, and use the former serious ones for practice.

For a faster magazine change, has anyone tried hooking the base plate of the magazine, depressing the magazine release, and then simply ripping the magazine out and letting it drop to the ground while reaching for the spare, with the removal of the magazine done as part of the same motion as reaching fot the spare?
Title: Re: Spare Mags
Post by: R9SCarry on August 13, 2004, 03:18:57 PM
I think your description Bill is not far off what I have tried to show in pics .. the mag removal phase for me is fast and so whilst mag cannot ''gravity drop'' it is accelerated so quick that yeah - it can eject into a drop fast  

The move to fresh mag is - or has to be - very fluid of course and if speed is achieved then it all seems to occur as a nice smooth sequence.  I doubt it'll be possible with R9 to ever beat the 1911 reload........ nothing IMO can beat that but - practice sure is essential and can achieve very reasonable results considering what we are dealing with.