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Title: R380 ammo preference
Post by: dmunofo on June 07, 2012, 10:48:56 AM
Hey guys....while waiting for my 380s to come in, I was looking for some ammo to range test.  Maria had recommended the following...
- Hornaday  Critical Dedense
- Speer Gold Dot Hollows
- Winchester Defense  Silver Tips Hollows
-  American Eagle ( for plinking only)

Has anyone ever used the Winchester PDX1 Defender and if so, do you like them?

Sofar the Hornadays are hard to find in 380 online.  Ideally I will buy a box of each and see what the gun likes..... But for now just trying to get some recommendations. 



Title: Re: R380 ammo preference
Post by: kjtrains on June 07, 2012, 11:00:14 AM
Dom.  Haven't tried the PDX1 Defender, however, would go with Maria's recommendations; always good to follow what the factory suggests; if all works well with one or all of those, you're good to go.

Now of course, you're welcome to try what you want.  Wishing you the best.
Title: Re: R380 ammo preference/ comparitive ballistics chart
Post by: dmunofo on June 12, 2012, 07:33:18 PM
For those who are interested in the ballistics of the .380 round, here is a comparative analysis chart on some popular rounds.

Being in law enforcement, it's important for me know how these rounds perform.  I am actually impressed with the Wilson, Speer DT, and Fed. Hydra shock round. 

While I thought the Hornaday Critical Defense  would be good round  to carry off duty, I think the aforementioned 3 will the primary rounds I will practice with, before I make the decision on what round I like the best.
Title: Re: R380 ammo preference
Post by: Dr. Gonzo on June 20, 2012, 05:47:49 PM
+1 on the Winchester PDX1

Critical Defense on the other hand had some pretty hard primers last time i shot them and i needed the ingenious second strike!

The Speer Gold Dot 90gr. are my alternate load.
Title: Re: R380 ammo preference
Post by: dmunofo on June 27, 2012, 01:03:50 AM
After my first range day (see range report).... It seems that the K380 likes the Speer's GTHP better than the HCD round.  Shoots more accurate and less feeding issues.   Dr. Gonzo....thanks for the +1 on the PDX1....gonna have to try it next time....along with some Wilson Custom Ammo I picked up due to their ballistics and nice penetration.

Title: Re: R380 ammo preference
Post by: socialwork911 on August 14, 2012, 03:56:50 PM
anyone have experience using magsafe or extreme shock
Title: Re: R380 ammo preference
Post by: Reinz on August 14, 2012, 06:51:54 PM
If you do any studying up actual gunfight stopping power and penetrating of the 380, it rarely reaches vital organs.  That is because every one follows the trend of hollow points.  Ball ammo is not going to pass through the intended, thus it Will have a better chance of hittng vitals.  Yeah, it won't open up.  But why put brakes on an inferior round?   

Don't know, maybe Glasers, and Magsafes are better.  There are supposed to be equivilent to one size up.
Title: Re: R380 ammo preference
Post by: socialwork911 on August 14, 2012, 07:13:21 PM
thanks for the info
Title: Re: R380 ammo preference
Post by: snaakedoc on April 23, 2014, 05:56:07 PM
After reading all your information I feel like an idiot that I didn't come here originally when I first purchased my Rohrbaugh 380.  Instead I went straight to the range and used what I purchased there.  I was using PMC auto 380 90 gr and every round jammed.  I was thinking of trading in my Rohrbaugh till I started reading this forums postings. 

Can anyone give me a good suggestion of what ammo I can use with my new weapon at the range?

Title: Re: R380 ammo preference
Post by: tracker on April 23, 2014, 09:23:27 PM

With no background whatsoever on this subject but this clip makes sense to me between the balance of reliability, penetration, and expansion:

"A few years ago a guy on the NAA forum did a wet pack test with 380 ammo. He used 2 Corbon rounds, 90gr Federal HydraShok and 90gr Speer Gold Dots HP's.
His test showed the 102gr Golden Sabers JHP's penetrating 8" and expanded to between .570 and .588 inches. The next best were the 95gr Winchester SXT JHP's which also penetrated 8" and expanded to between .506 and .537 inches. The Corbon 80gr DPX and the 90gr JHP both penetrated 9" but didn't expand at all. (I still have the pix of the test and the data.) The others were in between. Based on his findings and the pix I began using the Golden Sabers. I have fired at least 400 rounds through my NAA Guardian and have never had an FTF or and FTE. I have "accumulated about 600 bullets and load 50 to 100 at a time. I also use 230gr Remington GS in my 45. Never had a FTF or FTE with them either. If Remington made a GS bullet for 357Sig I would use them also.

If penetration is all a person is concerned with, FMJ's are the way to go. They should penetrate about 10 inches. I like my chances with the 102gr RGS."