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Aluminum Grips??
« on: November 09, 2007, 12:44:11 AM »
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Hey So i have finaly got some time to make a few proto type Alu. grips. I have yet put the checkering on them but the main profile and pocketing is done.
I have been building jig and fixtures so I can do a short run on some grips. I will be black anodizing the grips then I will cut the checkering, This will really make the grips stand out.
I would like to hear from anyone that may want a set. so I can come up with a price brake on the first run.
I will say they wont be cheap!! There is alot of time and effort to get to this point.  Plus the way the grips are made they are vary close tolorance. Because of this they difficult to manufacture.

I would love any thoughts coments on this thanks
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