Author Topic: Can it be done and by who?  (Read 15494 times)

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Re: Can it be done and by who?
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and as far as that night sighted colt goes it real ive installed those sight before on the colts. but it wont work on a r9, the thickness of the front part of the slide is aprox. .050 wich is thinner than the mustangs

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Re: Can it be done and by who?
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all i can say is the reason there isnt a nite sighted rohrbaugh yet is there is too thin of material in the slide to support a night sight. Though there is experimentation going on at the rohrbaugh factory to find a reliable way to have a night sight as we speak.

There is at least one night sighted R9 I read about in the archives. The owner sent it out and had the Tritium inserts installed in the front and rear sights, but the company that did the work will not do any more. :'(
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