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This was on a forum that I frequent..Wanted to pass it on...

Currently taking orders for the new Rohrbaugh R-9 pistol. (The smallest 9mm pistol made today).
Retail price is (gulp) $945.00 Sale price will be $859.00
Current estimated delivery time is 3 to 4 months.
Their site for more information is: http://www.rohrbaughfirearms.com
Rohrbaugh Firearms was formed to fulfill the dream of its founder to create an ultimate-quality 9mm automatic pistol that is easy to carry and to conceal. After six years of painstaking development, this dream is now a reality.

Like all great inventions, the Rohrbaugh 9mm was born of necessity. Over a 20-year career as a firearms instructor and handgun trainer, Karl Rohrbaugh long recognized the need for a truly effective self-defensive pistol. Time and again, his clients had complained that currently available handguns were too big and bulky to carry and conceal comfortably, and to use effectively.

Mr. Rohrbaugh also noticed that the trend among manufacturers toward making their products smaller has not produced high-quality firearms. With millions invested in their current products, manufacturers have chosen to cut corners by simply cutting back on barrels and grips to give their guns a smaller look and feel. No major manufacturer has committed to invest in the considerable new design work, R&D and retooling required to produce a truly effective smaller pistol.

With this void in the marketplace, Mr. Rohrbaugh invested years of his own time and experience to develop an entirely new handgun concept. The result is one of the best and safest self-protection weapons ever created.
Please email for ordering information if interested in getting one of these high quality pistols. Watch for their reviews in the next issue of American Handgunner and other magazines.

Much of that text was lifted directly from the Rohrbaugh website.

Yes,I saw that also...

I guess they are trying to get info out on the "product" since very few are aware of this..

Thats the cheapest price so far.

I wonder what dealer cost is???

Dealer cost is about $725 plus shipping, the last I knew.


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