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Range report #2 on the new pup
« on: December 07, 2008, 11:53:49 PM »
Ok, second day on the range and put about 10 mags or so through her.  

It started off downhill, since I went back to the WWB 115gr FMJ.  Had 3 FTE in that mag alone.   :'(

After that, I just decided to stop being so specific and just start putting rounds through it, and hope it would eventually clear up, ala the reported break-in period with a Kahr PM9.  With a mixed bag of Hornady TAP 124gr, Federal HST 124gr, and WWB 115gr (both FMJ and JHP), I had a lot of FTE and a couple of FTF (all resolved with a second trigger pull).  Even one of the Hornady rounds gave me a FTF and prior to that, this ammo had a perfect record.  Of course, one FTF out of 20 rounds is still WAY too many for a top quality SD round like that.

Surprisingly, I did not have the Federal HST "lock-up" I experienced every mag change yesterday.  The only thing that might be different there is that I made a conscious effort to pull the slide back all the way and just drop it hard.  

Anyway, not an inspiring day at the range for the new pup.  Especially since I shot about 80 40S&W rounds through my Sig 229 and it went bang every time, with no FTE.  But then, it's always done that, and I've got well over 3k rounds through it.  I understand the new pup is not for the range, but until I can put four or five mags of SD ammo through it with no issues, it's not going to get carried either.

Once I got home and cleaner her, I noticed something interesting on the ejector.  It looks like there might be a small piece missing from the bottom lip, giving the ejector only about half the normal "grip" on the brass.  Now, this MIGHT be by design, since I'm not sure exactly how the ejector sits in the chamber, but none of my other semi-autos has this "design".  I am going to attempt to attach a photo of the possible defect here and if someone else would confirm whether or not their R9 looks the same, I would really appreciate it.

If it is a defect, it could explain all of the FTE I'm having.  It would also be consistent with what I am seeing when it does happen.  The spent brass is typically still 2/3 to 1/2 still in the barrel, when the slide is fully retracted, like the ejector just slipped off or something.

It doesn't explain the FTF I'm having though.  I am also going to try and attach a picture of the primer of a round that I struck twice and it still did not go off.  I set it beside one of the rounds that did not eject, but which did get a good primer hit.  This really looks to me like an issue with the firing pin.  Two hits and it STILL looks like it's just been scratched.

Also, can anyway tell me whether the wear I am seeing on the top of the frame is also normal?  I've only put about 120 rounds through her so far.  I wouldn't have thought it would mark up quite so soon.