Author Topic: R9S vs.  SOLO  (Read 7156 times)

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Re: R9S vs.  SOLO
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Oops!  Saw the most recent post date in the thread only and didn't notice Toad's last post date.

Thanks for the welcome Yankee!

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Re: R9S vs.  SOLO
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One of my cousins is a shooter with many rifles, excellent shot and knowledgeable afficionado of weapons.  He bought a solo with laser....loves it.  Has never had a FFF.  He thinks it is beautiful and told me that it is the only pistol he has owned that he actually puts out to look at.  We shot at his range in Northern VA last month...I had my Covert R9 and he fired both at metal plates at 17 yards.  He hit 6 of 7 with the Solo and 7 of 7 with the R9.  I must admit his Solo is a beautiful little pistol, but for carry (not show) my little black R9 is the way to go.  I do wish I could shoot as well as he...minute of bad guy works for me at 7-10 yards, but sighted range shooting with tiny pistols is not my bag.  Now the Ed Brown full size .45 is a different story and also the Kimber CDPII that I carry when has also never failed to shoot when asked to do so (I must admit that Yankee has piqued my interest in the STI line...).
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