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Re: Evolution
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Richard, you should'a' belted him!  Great looking car! 

Yep, that was my '67 sitting outside my quarters in Bamberg in 1970.  Sold it in 1977 and have regretted it ever since.  Had a friend with a yellow TR2 while in high school (lived in Falls Chuch/Mclean area and went to McLean HS).  Had a ball in it...could drag my knuckles on the ground from the seat.  Nothing like the smell of hot oil, old leather, wet Wilton carpet, gasoline (and a little mildew sometimes).

You describe it well. I purchased that TR2 from United Auto Sales in Maryland. They had raced it for a season and when it came time for a ring and valve job I discovered that it had been "bored and stroked" and equipped with oversized pistons. (And I wondered why it was so quick.)

I owned it from 1956 until I shipped out overseas in 1963. In a brain fade that I still regret, I sold it rather than paying to have it stored. During the seven years I owned it, I used it to compete on the local rally circuit, drove it round trip from D.C. to Oklahoma three times, and then took it from D.C. to California and back with a detour into Mexico. (I still have the sunburn scars on my left arm to mark that last trip.)
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Re: Evolution
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Excellent looking guns.  I'd love to get my hands on a P7 like the one you have pictured.  What a beautiful firearm. 
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