Author Topic: Recommeded Dry Lube and cleaning solution  (Read 4143 times)

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Recommeded Dry Lube and cleaning solution
« on: May 28, 2012, 03:00:56 AM »
I recently read a few posts here about "Frog Lube" and "Eezox".  What seems to work better with the Rohrbaugh?  I read somewhere that Eezox has an ingredient (Chloric ester I believe) that may not be the best for this gun.   

I currently use the Hoppes #9 and Break Free on my Sig duty weapon, but realize that the Frog Lube or Eezox is probably better.  For overall lubrication I use the Militec and found that it works good as well. 

Also...I currently use the Otis Special Forces "Dry lube" on my off duty H&K, and really like the product.  Does anyone use this oil, and/or do you recommend something better for the Rohrbaugh? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanx in advance.

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Re: Recommeded Dry Lube and cleaning solution
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2012, 04:13:43 AM »
We gun guys are always looking for the magic bullet of gun lube.  I, like many guys have probably close to a dozen on my bench.

I think the most important part of all, is just LUBE and do it properly.  Most modern types would probalby pass with great results.  However, if you are on the coast or if the gun is next to your skin, then all of those fancy salt water spray tests may be more applicable to some more than others. Eezox shines in that department with a few others.

As far as dry lube.  I am not familiar with the Otis brand.  I have tried another in some of my competition guns with disappointment.  I had failures after as little as 75 rounds.

With the extra tight tolerances of the R9 and extra pressures and demands put on this great little pearl, I have a hard time being convinced that a dry lube would do the job without increased wear.  I would love to be convinced otherwise, for I sure do like the concept of dry lube.

That's just my opinion based on a little bit of experience.

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Re: Recommeded Dry Lube and cleaning solution
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2012, 11:01:49 AM »
For the most part, dry lubes should be used on trigger groups and firing pin springs.

When it comes to slides, slide rails,  locking lugs on bolt guns, or anything under a load, I prefer a light grease, like TW25B or EWG. Be advised some folks use Lubriplate, and I have too, but it is an aluminum based grease and is NOT compatable with lithium based greases. If the two are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs and it softens the metal the greases have been applied to.

I just switched to grease on my R9's and it really smoothed the action versus using oil. If you prefer to use oil on the R9 due to tight manufacturing tolerances, Mil-Comm (makers of TW25B) makes an oil (MC3000) that stays put where applied. This is a nice feature when applying it to a CCW.  ;) The trick to using grease IMHO, is not to over-do it; except for Sigs, which run better with heavier lube.

Militec contains Chlorinated Esters. I have heard Eezox does as well, but I have never confirmed this just due to the fact that I was never interested in their product to start with.

I agree with Reinz, "the most important part of all, is just LUBE and do it properly." IMHO, he's spot-on in his last paragraph too..
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