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Re: Future of Rohrbaugh
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Did you price a barrel from them?

No I did not.  I am sure I would have to send the gun up to have it fitted.  I do not think that anything is drop in on these guns.  By the time I went through all that I feel I would have too much invested in it.

Obviously just my opinion, but I feel like if you called them and said you had a warranty issue with your barrel you would have a box shipped out immediately and they would cover the issue. They have been very accommodating on both of my R9's thus far. I believe you should at least give it a shot. Let's face it, they are not their parts. They just want to make you happy. However the open window for such repairs may not remain open forever. One day they may get an order from headquarters to be a little more selective.

.02 cents worth.
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