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Remington RM380 released!

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The firearm BlogSpot has a shooting example of the Remington RM380...Go over to TFB and check it out. ;)

Now on Remington's site:

Very nice job.

Here is some more info on the new RM380.

Sounds promising. I hope they get this one right after the R51 mess. I was in the factory with the R51 early in it's phase, and kept my true feelings quiet to those around as I was, and still am, an "outsider" to them. History on the R51 whoops is out in the open, so that's that. The RM380 (Rohrbaugh 380 variant) truly looks as if they got it right. . . . . and I am so happy to see that for both sides. . . . . . My side and Remington's side. I wish them success with "our" little gun!  Most of the real work they purchased from Karl and I.   ;)


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