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Hollow point versus round nose rack and feed
« on: March 12, 2019, 12:12:42 PM »

I am having major feed problems with Speer Gold Dot hollow points (intended carry ammo) when just racking the slide as well as  prompting negative thoughts thereafter. Particularly after racking and firing should it do so, I am very concerned that if one does load and fires, the next up shell may jam. Customary is round nose use target shooting with no failures to rack or feed. Is anyone experiencing a similar problem and what might you have as a suggestion relevant to self defense ammo to take the place of Speer HP ammo? Weak spring I believe is not the problem as I just replaced the worn depressed spring with a brand new spring. Every 100 rounds a spring replacement.
Perhaps it is the feed ramp that needs polishing or what have you discovered as a remedy so that Speer Gold Dot 115 pr 124 might be used? Or is it that hollow points in general just don’t want to cooperate? I have read comments whereas others I have read speak to“ I had zero failures of any kind when running through 50 rounds of this ammo i.e., Speer Gold Dot Hollow points 115 or 124 gr?
I am 76 yrs young seeking 100 or more and need some solid advice as to a remedy or an alternative self defense ammo to correct my problem otherwise I will not feel safe for my wife or I and may have to disregard the use of my Rohrbaugh R9 as a carry piece whatsoever. I do have others to take its place but I love this firearm for its concealment. Kindly reply and Thank you so much...
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