Author Topic: A Crate of Guns for Sale  (Read 980 times)

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Re: A Crate of Guns for Sale
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What an incredible offer for serious collectors!  Can you just imagine..........................
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Re: A Crate of Guns for Sale
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Those are beautiful rifles.
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Re: A Crate of Guns for Sale
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This original crate of ten 1895 Winchester Saddle Ring Carbines chambered for .30-40 Krag are in a unbelievable state of preservation. Believed to one of two remaining crates in existence. These Winchesters where discovered by the late Herb Glass Sr. in Texas in the 1950's. All ten carbines have 22" round barrels with saddle ring and walnut stocks. These still have the Winchester factory shop assembly and inspection tags as well as the Winchester instruction envelope that contains instructions for proper use. These 1895 carbines where produced in 1917. The condition of the guns are in as new condition with very slight traces of the levers having been operated to verify that they where not loaded. No indication of actual use exist. Packaged in the original wooden Winchester shipping crate with all partitions. The ends of the crate are marked "10 CARBINES MODEL 1895" This is ink stamper in black over the block "W" inked in red. These Winchesters where discovered in Texas in a warehouse that belonged to a railroad. Mr. Glass purchased several cases of 1895's and 1894's and kept two complete cases of each and sold the others individually. These rifles where believed to have been intended for the British Home Guard during World War I. When the invasion of England never came about these rifles where sold in the United States and apparently where purchased by the railroad for security and guard use. The pristine carbines with the slight cycling marks with their original crate that has a custom made Plexiglas top so you can view the guns while still protected is a remarkable opportunity. The case has several areas of minor distress and the Plexiglas has several minor scuffs. The crate comes with a stand that was built to elevate it approximately 10" so it could be used as a table and be more easily viewed. From the Ray Bentley Collection.Accessories: Barrel Length: 22"Caliber/Bore: .30-40 KragFFL Status: Curio & RelicManufacturer: WinchesterModel: 1895Serial Number: 401404, 401407, 401411, 401434, 7, 4401441, 4014501471, 401508, 401562, 401605

That's such a coincidence.  I built a ten inch stand for my crate of Rohrbaughs and I had a plexiglass tabletop crafted so I could easily view my pups. 

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Re: A Crate of Guns for Sale
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