Author Topic: R9 on GB with Slide Crack  (Read 674 times)

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R9 on GB with Slide Crack
« on: July 21, 2018, 09:42:31 AM »
Good Saturday morning All,
    Thereís an R9 up for auction on GB, it's the one with the cracked slide,

Just any FYI in case anyone on the forum is interested in resurrecting this one -aside from the cracked slide,  the recoil rod, cap, and springs looks like someone took a large pipe wrench to it, and all are bent out of shape quite a bit. (a new guide rod assembly is undoubtedly required here).  As for it being in Ďnear excellent conditioní,  itís had several thousand rounds put down itís pipe, and it shows in both the slide rails and the frame rails.   Lastly, the right slide rail on the frame has started developing a crack - I donít see a fix for that one being very simple !

On the good side, the seller was very easy to deal with, gun was returned without hassle. (But I notice on this new auction that heís changed his return policy to  ĎAs is, No Refundí.  (gee, imwonder why). 😂
Just thought Iíd share an experience with other Forum members / Rohrbaugh Junkies, such as myself ! 

JG 👮🏻