Author Topic: Concealed Carry Suggestions?  (Read 4015 times)

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Re: Concealed Carry Suggestions?
« Reply #30 on: August 06, 2018, 06:51:34 PM »
Perhaps the NRA legal team might have some history on this subject. Someone wisely suggested that in any concealed carry defense shooting situation with injury or death to the perpetrator that it would be a good idea to have specific insurance or $250k in your cookie jar for legal fees.

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Re: Concealed Carry Suggestions?
« Reply #31 on: August 07, 2018, 10:57:13 AM »

Not to disparage the NRA product, but I think the best investment you can have in self-defense "insurance" is joining the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.  It's not an insurance product, but a fund to defend members from the consequences of a lawful self-defense shooting.  The network is run by some of the best in the business and is a network of lawyers, firearms experts, testifying experts, etc.

I am a network attorney for the ACLDN, and have been for many years.

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Re: Concealed Carry Suggestions?
« Reply #32 on: November 05, 2018, 02:00:14 PM »
      Let me start by saying that I have no training in gun defense.  If someone can enlighten me, I would greatly appreciate it!
     About 20 years ago, after practicing traditional karate blocking for countless hours, I had my next-door neighbor stand in front of me and try to hit me.  Suffice to say, my blocking was less than effective. Every so often, I would catch part of the strike, but even then, he would connect with sufficient power to make training sessions short.
     Frustrated,  I went to my sensei to ask what I was doing wrong. He chuckled a bit and then told me that I was letting the man get too close in the first place. 
     Iíve come to believe itís a lot like that game, where somebody tells you you can keep the dollar bill, if you can catch it, when they drop it between your waiting fingers.  You donít often catch it. When it comes to self-defense, the implications of response time are a conundrum.
     So I think about this question of concealment, and it perplexes me. For my unscientific two cents, you are not getting that pistol out of any holster in time, If the perpetrator has closed distance enough to strike you.
     Read and seek out videos about violence versus self defense.  Tim Larkin is a good place to start.   Rock to head is what we are dealing with.  Its rudimentary form is devastatingly effective.
      Situations that present at a distance, (beyond about 3í) are probably just posturing or can be escaped.  Even so, if a real threat, directed specifically at you, is recognized at a distance, is it safe to draw your weapon without the immediate intend to fire?  I fear that just unveiling lethal force gets you dead from somebody else in the crowd.
      Almost every time Iíve entered a gun store in the last 10 years, itís about two-deep at the counter. Lots of people are caring guns. When I see somebody nowadays with a shirt thatís not tucked, I assume they probably have a gun.  I bet a lot of guy bad guys assume the same.  These days, an attacker who affords you consciousness or allows you to create space enough to draw your gun is a tepid, non-committed fool. 
   As long as youíre not a target of an experienced attacker(s), but instead, find yourself proximal to a public shooting,  then most any carry option is quick enough.  The most comfortable to carry and that you can fire accurately, along with the highest capacity, would seem the logical choice.
     This problem of proximity is something professionals must have addressed.  That is the training I am going to seek out.  Until then, I remain perplexed.
    I know a great fighter who says he takes one step back from anyone closing distance on him. After that, he is moving forward with his attack. Is that something we can do with a gun?  Obviously the answer is no.
     This post exceeds the 5000 character minimum. It continues and my subsequent post.


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Re: Concealed Carry Suggestions?
« Reply #33 on: November 05, 2018, 02:02:00 PM »
    (Continued from above)

     For the time being, I go with a Glock 20, (10mm), on the bedside table.  Iím in my own house, no children, so I want it to go through walls.  A generation four with its double recoil spring is easier to shoot than  many 380s.  Benelli m-4 from then on out.
   Outside the home, if itís fall or winter and I have a jacket, or anytime I am wearing an untucked shirt, it doesnít much matter what I carry.   In my line of business, I usually wear a dress shirt, so I use a pocket holster.  It is admittedly slow.  But any aggressor worth his or her salt is going to disable me first, only as a matter of prudent business. 
    In the unlikely event that I come to, or find myself grappling, or unbelievably, am requested to hand over my wallet, I will produce that beautiful Precision Small Ams featherweight.  Even the most studious predator, wonít discern it, in the right holster.
    ďunsafe to carry chambered- not even designed for that- and weakĒ, I know.   If there are CONFIRMED accidental discharges due to structural failure of the internal mechanism, I would appreciate reading the comprehensive inspection. 
     35 years ago, I had a rusted Mauser 6.35, with a broken hand grip, go off (no bullets) while I held it, and that scared me to death. My father brought it back from the war and from the time it left his duffel bag in the 40s, it sat without any maintenance.   Itís time I find that weapon and have it inspected, to find out the cause.  I bet it will be neglect and abuse, not a glitch in the laws of physics.
     The PSA version of the Baby Browning is a well made gun.  All of you know it is single action, and combined with virtually no recoil, it is lightening fast.  Just one in the face, or a couple between the arm pits, will be quite disheartening for the attacker.  You get 7 tries in about 3 seconds; empty the gun, donít assess damage.  It is a perfect eye pick from then on.
     Sometimes I substitute a Keltec 32 or Seecamp, depending on the depth of my pocket or the sturdiness of the pant fabric.  But sometimes I drink Bombay instead of Beefeater.  It serves only to break up the monotony, and is not a referendum on function.  It goes without saying that if I am wearing a suit jacket, there is an R-9 on board as well.
     Those are my ruminations from the beach in Mexico!  Maybe my thoughts are, a bit, ďcloudedĒ.  Itís time for a ...Boodles!   Any gin that starts with a B is a safe bet, and I stand on that bit of advice.
    Iíd love to get an answer for the proximity/response time problem.  In any event, this might liven up our forum.

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Re: Concealed Carry Suggestions?
« Reply #34 on: November 06, 2018, 01:08:35 PM »
   I love my 43,period.
     Never jams and I shoot a lot of cheap steel shot thru it.My Knighthawk has jammed more than once and my EdBrown actually jammed for the first time about a month ago.But my 19 and 43 never.

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Re: Concealed Carry Suggestions?
« Reply #35 on: November 06, 2018, 08:09:29 PM »
Karl has a Glock 43 and it does the job well.
I have shot it and feel the same way.
Is it fancy like an R9?. . . . No. . . . .
But hey, everybody needs a "Timex", don't they!?  lol

Carry on fellas.

Eric R
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Re: Concealed Carry Suggestions?
« Reply #36 on: November 06, 2018, 09:38:05 PM »
I canít bring myself to carry a Glock anymore.


First of all, I never liked the idea of no safety, in fact I changed to a NY Trigger in my Glock. I can live with the lack of a safety on my Rohrbaughís because of the long, heavy trigger pull, similar to a Double Action revolver trigger pull.

Second, Glock is using several MIM parts now and frankly I simply donít trust MIM.

Before I dumped my Glock for on duty use I switched to the Blackhawk Serpa Level III Holster because itís almost impossible to be taken from you in a gun grab.

I switched to an FN FiveseveN 5.7x28 pistol for both on and off duty carry.

My Rohrbaugh 9RS Stealth is my backup to my FN FiveseveN and I trust it more than I can a Glock. Plus, the Rohrbaugh is smaller, and lighter which makes one heck of a difference when you are front pocket carrying.

Comparing a Glock to a Rohrbaugh is like comparing a Kia to a Bentley.
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Re: Concealed Carry Suggestions?
« Reply #37 on: November 07, 2018, 07:18:18 AM »

Comparing a Glock to a Rohrbaugh is like comparing a Kia to a Bentley.

I love Rohrbaughs and I love Glocks, but you're right about Kia vs Bentley reliability.  Even with Audi's help, Bentley reliability is no where close to #1 Kia.  I don't think the consensus is that Glock is less reliable than Rohrbaugh.