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Re: More on Sig P365
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Went back to the range with the P365 and the R9 Covert.  Both fired all rounds (Lawman 124 and 115) without issue (R9 20 rounds, Sig 60). The Sig has a great grip, is much easier to shoot accurately, wonderful trigger and night sights (and 12+1).  It is better, at least in my arthritic hands, in terms of recoil.  Both are accurate but the Sig reaches out further and is faster on accurate follow-up shots.  The R9 is still incomparably more comfortable to carry, and considerably smaller, easy to carry pocket, IWB, OWB.  The Sig is light but larger and in a Nemesis holster pretty much fills a front pocket in slacks or loose jeans, but carries OWB cross draw or 4 o’clock right hip comfortably.  I’m keeping both!
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