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Gun Review: $150 9mm
« on: March 10, 2019, 01:03:55 PM »
Hello Fella's

Thought I would write up a quick review of a new-to-me handgun I recently purchased.

Been looking at those surplus Star BM pistols that a couple of online retailers have been selling.  J&Gs price of $149.50 for one of their gunsmith specials finally hooked me.,-9mm-luger,-compact-semi-auto-pistol,-gss,-gunsmith-special,-blued,-used.-p-102773.html

Ordered it along with a new set of grips and an extra magazine. (-$10 off regular price of each with purchase)  Extra $50 for those two items and about $30 for shipping.

When I paid the FFL for the transfer ($5) I spent about $235 total.

It shipped in an original box, owners manual (in Spanish), cleaning rod, one magazine, extra magazine, extra grips.

I cleand it up and took it to the range last week:

Overall Impressions:

Condition was a lot better than I expected.  Not a lot of wear.  I think I can touch up the worn areas with some cold blue in the next week or so.

New grips are pretty nice for $30.

Magazines look real good, only minor wear.

All springs seem strong.

I was able to keep all rounds in a 8 inch circle at 15 yards.  Used both Winchester White Box and some value priced Remington.

The frame rubbed on the web of my hand when I held it in a high grip position.  No slide bite, but did get a bit of a red and tender area while shooting.  Not that bad,  something I can work on correcting.

Trigger was better than expected.

100% reliable.

Kinda figured I would be spending some money on it after I ordered it.  Upon receiving and shooting it, I don't think I need to do anything mechanically.  Some minor cosmetic touch ups and replacing the grip screws with new ones will probably be it.

For those not familiar with the Star Model BM 9mm pistol.

It is strongly influenced by JMBs 1911 design, but has some changes that make a difference.  It looks so much like the 1911 that they have been using the Star 9mm in the movies in place of the 1911s due to them working better with blanks than the pistols they are supposed to be.

The pistol is very close to a "Commander" sized handgun.

It has a barrel link lock up system like the 1911.

The extractor is external, unlike the 1911.  I consider that an improvement.

It does not have a removable main spring housing.

It does not have a grip safety.

The thumb safety disconnects the sear, the original 1911 design blocks the sear.
This means that you can engage the safety with the hammer dropped, locking the slide.

The trigger pivots around a pin unlike the original 1911 where the trigger sides straight back.

It has a magazine safety unlike the classic design.

8 + 1 magazine capacity.

The magazines do not drop free on my pistol, probably due to the safety.

The sights are fairly low and are not adjustable.

Full length steel guide rod and spring.

Part of the original serial number machined off, replaced with a dot matrix new one from the importer CAI.  Yeah, it looks like crap.  However the parts that do have partial serial numbers do match.

J&G offer 3 styles of new grips, definately an improvement over the black plastic military grade ones.

Weight, it's an all steel gun and feels like it.  It came in at 32.30 oz without the magazine.  (that is almost 5 oz heaver than my Kimber Pro Carry .45, and it is a bit shorter than the Kimber)

It fits into all my 1911 holsters.

Mine was made in Spain in 1976.

If it goes through another couple of range sessions with good results it may end up replacing another military surplus pistol (CZ-82) I use as a 'truck gun' that I keep for an unexpected emergency back up.

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Re: Gun Review: $150 9mm
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2019, 02:17:05 PM »
Here is a picture of the ugly side.

You can see the milling work to remove parts of the original serial number and the engraving put on by CAI for import.  The blocked out serial number is in the exact same style you would expect it to be.  Just like the other new work.

I feel if you bought any of the higher finish models, this type of molestation would be present on them as well.