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Range Report - Hollow Point R9 Failure
« on: April 01, 2019, 01:28:35 PM »

Firstly Appreciated is everyone’s response to my ongoing hollow point problems with my R9, entitled Gold Dot Hollow Point versus Round Nose Ammunition. Yesterday  I finally made it to the range to once again test my feed problem with various ammo in addition to Gold Dot hollow points. Starting out with Gold Dot 115 gr hollow points I experienced feed problems in every instance where the hollow points just would not feed upon racking the slide. Also when I manually did get the first shell to load, once fired  a follow up normal feed resulted in jams in every instance. This repeated itself utilizing 4 different magazines so magazine springs is not seen as a problem nor I suspect are the magazines themselves.

Next I loaded Lawman 124 gr round nose into each of the four magazines. Each experience was easy to feed without a failure upon racking each time, and no jams thereafter were experienced from any one of all 4 magazines as they emptied with out a hitch. 

Next I loaded in all 4 magazines Hornady Critical Defense 115 gr ammo. Noted was Shell Measurements of Gold Dot versus Hornady showed Hornady to be a thinner and a might smaller shell? I presumed Gold Dots larger size might be a contributor to the failures being experienced? The racking of Hornady ammo demonstrated but a couple inconsistencies upon racking (jam) but easier to eject without use of a tool when jammed. Once in battery and fired a couple of jams had occurred (failure to feed). One or two failure to feed is one too many particularly if life or death is in the balance. I could over look the racking inconsistencies but the failure to feed just once is a major deterrent from carrying this loved firearm. I have others a Nano and Springfield’s XDS that is absolutely without problems. They eat all ammos.

On another positive note though, I did take the suggestion of another on the Forum, i.e., to enhance sighting one should paint the front sight first with white paint as a base to the top of the sight, followed by a coat or two of bright orange to illuminate the front sightpicture in line with the rear sight. WOW what a difference for both the Hornady and the Lawman were spot on the target and in 7 yards all were placed but a couple within a 4 inch round target. My suggestion is try it if you are having similar eye sight problems as I once did. This was the most positive outcome of my day at the range.

Frankly I am not confident to carry the R9 with these problems expressed so I need to have it looked at to discover if the problems can be corrected. If not I am sorry to say I may sell this firearm for lack of it’s dependability. Last Year I had a cracked slide that Eric R. graciously substituted for a slide from his stash at home. He is a GEM of a person! At the time he informed me that if other problems occurred and  If I purchased the gun new or used, Remington is taking care of the warranty of the R9 pistols through:

Williams Gun Sight, Inc.
PO Box 329
Davison, Michigan  48423


I will call them April 1 st however does anyone have any new suggestions as to a remedy and/or is there another gunsmith that you might reccomend through your experience that may have answers and/or could repair my problem or even recommend another self defense ammunition that I might try? Obviously I am out of answers as my technical experience with firearms is rather limited, but my common since to reach beyond my 76 yrs of age is not limited. Well thanks again to all that have replied to my initial thread.
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