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R9 For Sale Question
« on: August 07, 2019, 09:53:54 PM »
 I have in my safe a R9 serial # R398X I picked and chose this gun  personally Because the company I work for used to do business with them. The Day I picked it up at factory was around= 6/10/2009. The gun may have 40-50 rounds thru it and functions perfectly, I just never for some reason was going to carry it, I Have all the original Box and Papers even an article about the gun when it was called the "MERCEDES" of 9's. I have Black custom G10 grips with Palm swell which I forgot the maker, 2 magazines with the with curved finger grip that someone was selling years ago, and two more magazines with extra springs, and recoil assembly. The gun has no issues and is Rated between 9-10, but I have a bad shoulder replacement coming up and I am Freeing up cash as I will not be working for awhile, also it has a bunch of Holsters, From DeSantis and I think a grey Elephant pocket holster, I cannot post pictures but I can send them thru Email. I am looking to get between $ 1300- $1500 for everything ant Ideas would be greatly appreciated. PS this is Deer Park gun which I picked out of about 10 that were on the table.. I purchased this gun from Eric at the time, Also my factory I am Sales director of is in Amityville Long Island, Any help greatly appreciated.