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I am new to this forum so PLEASE excuse me if I say something inappropriate.

In April, 2004 the NRA Show was in Pittsburgh - where I live. I won an R9 at the show. At that time, I worked as a Regional Sales Manager in Northeast US and had a very good customer right in Farmingdale, Long Island so I was able to visit the Rohrbaugh facility there. I am sorry, but I cannot remember whether it was Eric or Karl I met and spoke with....but I think it was Eric.

Eric gave me a quick tour of the facility, which - I regret to say - I was not knowledgeable enough to be duly impressed with. I did not appreciate the precision and quality of the operation...I deeply regret that missed opportunity. I do remember the cardboard cut-out of Angelina Jolie (of Mr. & Mrs. Smith) & "her" R9.

Eric had a special serial number on this gun to designate its uniqueness (NRA - 04 - 1). I believe it was intended to show this was the first production gun manufactured for the 2004 NRA show. (PLEASE- see pictures). I think April 2004 was still a month BEFORE production was in full swing. Anyway, I am now looking to sell the gun....hopefully to someone who will benefit from it and value it more than I have. I have picked a number ($1500.00) for the gun + holster (OWB - right) & mag loader, but not including any shipping costs or FFL fees

ERIC ...if you read this, you are welcome to either confirm, correct OR expand on anything I have said.

I have a slight tremor n my left hand so the pictures may be blurred, but I can have better ones taken if you desire. If anyone is interested, you are welcome to message me or email me directly

PM sent.

Thank you for posting this beautiful and unique specimen here. She's a BEAUT!!

It makes me wonder just how many unique serial number guns are out there.

Very nice!!
I had never heard of this number either before now!!
I am wondering about the grips?
They appear to be black. I always 💤dreamed💤that all the true early pups carried blue grips!😎
It is still a beauty!


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