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I have three extra-fine Rohrbaughs to offer.
Two of them were bought new from a dealer- a Special Ops and an Elite. The Elite is supposedly the last one ever made. It has Ericís note to that effect,  written on the warranty card; we can ask him to verify.  The third one is a Tribute model, bought ďas newĒ from for a forum member.
Price for the three is $7,800.00.  I would only sell them as a group.  They are mint condition; would send photos.
Thank you!

Photos are always appreciated. 

Last time I had guns to sell, Mike offered to help me, but I didnít give him a chance. I just offered to send pictures to interested parties.  So I never got up to speed.
Iím gonna try a picture right now, and if it goes through, then tomorrow night, Iíll pull the guns out of the safe.
It didnít go through, and itís not a question of size.  The message I get, is that itís the incorrect type and it makes me think that the Apple I-phone format is not supported.  I do know how to send them to a pc and then change the format, so I will work on that tomorrow night or the next.
I do have an embarrassing question though, when I can see someone has attached a photo, how do you open it?  Is it as simple as me just not knowing where to click or is it something with iPhones?

Thank you in advance

Offer still stands, I'll help you post them if you are having issues.

     Thank you, Mike.  If you p.m. me your email address, I will send you the photographs tonight. 

     I should mention to our forum users that, if you have any weapons to sale, once the gun stores re-open, people are really buying. My local gun store sold eight of my guns in a matter of one week. They only had 37 guns left in the entire store, when they had to close.


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