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Barely used R9 for sale

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Salutations all. I have a barely used R9 for sale. My father gave it to me and I love the gun unfortunately I am trying to sell it to help out my father whose business closed down on Long Island due to covid-19  I am very new to this forum and have tried to do some research on past posts to gauge what these are going for. Please make me a reasonable offer. I am active duty military and stationed in Southeast Texas for anyone who wants it local.
Best way to contact me is on my cell phone. 845-405-9363
Had trouble uploading pictures bc the file was to large sorry Iím no good with this stuff please contact me for pictures.

Thank you for your service Killian. The guys here will help you post pics and find a good home for your dad's pup. I'm sorry for his circumstances. God bless your family.

Thank you thewalk for the kind words.

When I say barely used I mean it. I believe my father bought it straight from the shop and it sat in his safe for the longest time until he gave it to me a few years ago which is when we both first shot it. Since then I have probably put 2 magazines through it every once in a while just to remind myself of the trigger pull but thatís it. Would love to put some pictures up if someone could enlighten me on how to do it. Thanks

email them to me and I'll do it for you.

Sent you a PM with my address.



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