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Special Eric C. Rohrbaugh Build R9S For Sale

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Hello Everyone,

Well, I was sadly asked to offer to sell a very special sidearm for a close friend of mine. A special build Rohrbaugh R9S. We called these R9s "Special Ops" and very few of these were made. This was made after all of the updates were done to the production pistols and the finish is also rather special as is the serial number. I hand-picked frame R4700 for this pistol. The plunger area of the frame was extremely smooth, which makes for a buttery smooth trigger pull. I had Bill Wilson coat everything that is exposed in black. Even the 3 magazines are black. I polished the feed ramp and hand lapped the slide to the frame. All of the mating surfaces are in excellent condition due to lack of range time. This was “Carried a lot, Shot a little”, as we always said.  Basically, I built this gun for a friend as if it was going to be on my hip.

Price:  $1,500.00 

Some more photos of R4700

And some final shots.

I am grateful for your excellent photos here for us to appreciate Eric! What a beautiful work of art.  :o

Thank You.


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