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OK, I had been referring to what ECR had posted (http://www.rohrbaughforum.com/index.php?topic=9001.15:  -) on the latest slide modifications.

I didn't realize the changes were different for various models.  The correction is much appreciated, I'll add that to my notes.




--- Quote from: steve23918 on July 16, 2020, 07:10:42 PM ---I may be confused but was thinking the most recent version of the slide would have U.S.A. with the periods, or is that sign of model generation different for the Elite version?



--- End quote ---

Actually Steve, you are 100% correct. When I looked at this R9 Elite originally, I only saw a photo of the right side with the Rohrbaugh R9 logo. Now, I see the left-hand side of the slide, and it is the block lettering, letting us know it is a 416R stainless slide. This is the same material used for the barrels, which pretty much eliminated the scoring we were experiencing with the earliest material 17-4. Now, the very last update, designated using the dots in between the U.S.A., that update simply moved the firing pin hole over by .0015" to better center it on the primer of the round. Not having the dots in between the USA is nothing to be concerned about function-wise at all.
Karl was just being German and wanted it dead centered on those primers. It's a Rohrbaugh thing. lol.


Eric C. Rohrbaugh

Great info Eric, thanks for clarifying.


Thanks for the input Eric!

You're welcome guys, just doing what I can as long as I can for the cause.

Stay well out there. . . . . . . Things are getting tougher already.

Keep up with your "Situational Awareness" mindset.


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