Author Topic: ** Shhhh...Miltec 1 Secret**  (Read 1924 times)

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** Shhhh...Miltec 1 Secret**
« on: February 14, 2006, 07:00:05 PM »
On various threads around here I have seen mention of folks who like Miltec -1 oil and grease...soooo...I thought I'd bring to your attention something I came across on the Beretta Forum...  Check it out at:;f=6;t=010256

Basically a bunch of Beretta folks got together and approached Miltec looking for a special deal...and they got it.  It was supposed to run only 30 days...but I got in on it just a few weeks ago...some four months later.  Be sure to mention you saw it on the Beretta Forum...!

What you get is a 16oz bottle of Miltec Oil for $15 and a 14oz tube of Miltec-1 grease for $10, throw in another $5 for shipping.  This comes out to something like a $50 normal value for only $25...!  They may or may not continue to honor this deal - but it can't hurt to ask.  I did and I now have a life time supply of both Miltec Oil and Grease...!!

Good luck...!...TW<<
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Re: ** Shhhh...Miltec 1 Secret**
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Great post!!!


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Re: ** Shhhh...Miltec 1 Secret**
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2006, 11:20:02 PM »
Thanks TW - good heads up.

In fact tho I got the grease sample, won't be using much of that - and am so mean with the oil - what I have will see me thru for ages yet!!
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