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Good evening gents, I have received my newest Pup.  I am going to have a few things done to it, and I need some suggestions. I know some of this is personal taste but some of it is for the performance of the pistol. Firstly NP3 or hard chrome? I understand the NP-3 has certain advantages but is not as hard as hard chrome but hard chorme does not have the rust resistance that NP-3 has. To port or not to port? Dyna-port or by whom? Going to polish the trigger and smooth the radius a bit, does the ejector need attention or not. I like the site dots that John had done, I think they are all that are necessary in a gun made for this ones purpose. Polish up the mag release. I know the "Real Robar" had polished the hammer I believe, I think that might distract one from looking down the slide. Definitely checker the front grip, maybe the rear and the front of the trigger guard. I cringe at that number. CZ grips, Oh who should do the work? Who has done this kind of work on a Rohrbaugh before? Anything else, all suggestions, except silly ones are welcome,  what the hell silly is good, we all need a chuckle now and then. Thanks in advance guys and gals or whatever. Who knows what or who is out there in cyberland.  I do feel like I forgot something, like setting a budget and finding a way to pay for it without stirring the ire of the gods.
Thanks, Phil


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Phil your right, it's all up to you and what you want.  I have had most of the work you mentioned done and I can highly recommend Bob Cogan to do any of the work (except the NP3).  He is THE top notch Rohrbaugh custom gunsmith as far as i'm concerned.

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What Corey said and have seen the one in person that Bob Cogan did for Corey.  Excellent work.
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