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R9S, Another Flawless Performance
« on: July 24, 2010, 07:24:15 PM »
Took the Pup out today, among a few others, and put a lot of rounds downrange.  Before firing the R9, I reinstalled the old spring (as I mentioned I would in my first report).  This spring had in the 400+ neighborhood of rounds through it.  I fired another 80 today, same spring, and zero malfunctions, glitches, hiccups.  Iím convinced that some of the spring horror stories are mostly stories or from an old batch of springs.  That being said, when I disassemble and clean, Iíll put a new spring back in for carry.  Just being sure.  Anyway, I want to say that I tried a couple things to see if this gun would malfunction.  It would not.  I held it with the loosest, one handed grip I could.  So loose that any looser and the thing would have flown from my hand.  I rapid fired 5 shots like this, no problem.  On the last ~30 rounds, I fired them as quickly as I could, five rounds at a time, pausing only long enough to reload five more rounds into the magazine.  I had read that the R9 may need a cool off.  Well, again, I had zero malfunctions.  I was shooting CCI Blazer the entire time, didnít shoot anything else though this one today.  I had not cleaned or re-lubed the gun since last report when I used Shooters Choice Grease.  Iíll continue with this grease.  I had carried the gun quite a bit and did not see any signs of lint, sand (Florida) or anything else fouling the lube.  I found the gun to be very accurate, manageable, and loads of fun.  I shot several other guns today too and will write a separate post in the appropriate column.  Bottom line on the R9, I still trust it to fire when my life depends on it.

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Re: R9S, Another Flawless Performance
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2010, 08:36:12 PM »
Another fine report, Toad.  Thanks!
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