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R9S Stealth Report
« on: December 24, 2012, 09:36:38 AM »
First post and range report. Received the Stealth two days ago so we headed to the range yesterday. First off in all the excitement I forgot to take any glasses so it was impossible for me to find the front site at all.....did my best just to make the site pattern all black. As a result groups were pretty much strung in a 8-10 inch vertical pattern. I have already ordered VZ 'checkered' black gray grips but they had not arrived. Used old ammo I had sitting around.....fired 42 rounds of Federal Premium 147gr, 48 rounds of Speer GD 124gr and 6 rounds of Winchester 'Ranger' SXT 147gr. No FTF or FTE with the Feds or Speer but 3 of the 6 Win rounds were FTF (all fired on the second pull) so I didn't fire more then the one mag. Recoil was not bad but with my fairly large hands I had to adjust my bugger hook to keep it from being hit by the trigger guard. In addition to the R9, I fired 58 rds through a Glock 27, 20 rds through a NAA .22 Mag and about 20 rds through a Kahr PM9 so the hand is a little sore today. Cleaning and reassembly was not bad at all....did find some metal shaving that I would not want to find over subsequent cleanings and after reading a little more I discovered that I probably did not do an adequate job of lubrication. When the new grips arrive, I'll disassemble and relube while installing the grips......can't wait.

Any way to do 'night' sights on this puppy?

Edit: Just found the "Modification" portion of the forum......lots of good 'site' info there. Thanks
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Re: R9S Stealth Report
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2012, 10:28:18 AM »
Welcome to the Forum, congratulations on your Stealth, and thank you for that range report.

Some wear on the internals of the aluminum frame is normal during break-in and is self-limiting. You may have already seen this section of Chris' FAQ sheet, but just in case you haven't yet read it here is the link:

As to night sights, some members have used flourescent paint on the sights, and as I recall at least one member had tritium sights installed in his. Since the R9 is basically an up-close-and-personal self-defense weapon, I personally have not added either option to my "Farmingdale." I am, however, an advocate for night sights generally and had tritium inserts on a gutter-snipe setup for the G-380 that preceded the R9 as my EDC.

Good luck with your R9. It sounds like you are off to a good start with what I predict will become a "constant companion" of yours.

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Re: R9S Stealth Report
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Hey 6br, Welcome to the forum.   Glad to hear the range went well considering no eyeballs.