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Tax return submitted by a New Jersey person
Makes one smile, but grimace also. The NJ filer was too close to the truth as to who is dependent upon him and other taxpayers.
Tax return submitted by a New Jersey person     The IRS returned a tax return to a man in New Jersey after he apparently answered one of the questions incorrectly. In response to question 23: "Do you have anyone dependent on you?", the man wrote: "2.1 million illegal immigrants, 1.1 million crack-heads, 4.4 million unemployable scroungers, 80,000 criminals in over 85 prisons, plus 650 idiots in Washington, and the entire group that call themselves politicians".
On the returned form, someone at the IRS had attached a Post-it Note beside the question with an arrow and the words: "Your response to question 23 is unacceptable."
The man sent it back to the IRS with his response on the bottom of the Post It Note: "Who did I leave out?"
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Love it!
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Very clever but the IRS is not a tiger that I want to tease.