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Range report
« on: May 13, 2019, 04:47:12 PM »
Those of you who have been around this year may remember that my Covert “ate” the slide retainer pin and broke the hammer strut.  After filing down the burrs and the rails and replacing the pin and the strut (MANY THANKS TO ERIC!!!) took it to the range and had a failure to fully extract impaction of the next round against the fired case, but also the trigger spring kept slipping off on the hammer side, so did some it was slipping off the trigger side. Did some more smoothing and filing, same result. Grips were tight and I was afraid the pistol was a dead loss.  On a whim I removed the VZ grip (ejection side) that I had on it for years and put on the original R9 grip.  Now it works like a charm!  I cannot imagine what happened to the grip, and next trip will put it on my spare R9 to see if it works there.

After confirming the problem by re-trying the old VZ grip, went back to the original grip.  I shot Spear 124 Gold Dot at 7 yards and the first two rounds were very low left (took out the man-target’s liver).  I realized I was staging the trigger and aiming, IMO a bad habit with pocket pistols used for self-defense, so I went back to quick-fire point and shoot.  With the Covert, which has a bright white dot on the front sight, the first 3 rounds were in the 10 ring, #4 was in the far left side of the 9, and slightly low, and #5 was almost in the same place in the 8 happy my Pup is back!

I also fired my spare, a standard model and did not do as well.  I realized that even though I did not think I was using the sights on the Covert, the white dot on the front sight created a nearly instantaneous correction to the “point” of my “point and shoot”....Will equip the spare R9 with a white dot for sure!

I am really impressed with my Sig P365 and will make it my EDC when carrying IWB/OWB.  Here in Florida front pocket carry is usually necessary, and I sometimes use my Seecamp .32, but for comfort plus power, in my book nothing beats the R9 in a DeSantis Nemesis or Superfly holster.

Again, many thanks to Eric who was instrumental in resurrecting my Covert.
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Re: Range report
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Thank You and I am glad that everything has turned out well backup.

Carry on . . . . . . . .

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Re: Range report
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Good to hear!

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