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Re: R9s, how many rounds through me?
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Hey Johnny,

No, there are just one strength hammer spring available. You seemed to have picked up the right idea on what I was going to try with the feed ramp. I would also try "Opening the top of the ramp" just a smidgen too. Also, be aware that each gun has tolerances in some areas such as the usual plus or minus .005" , however, this is a Rohrbaugh. Some of our tolerances were plus .001" or .002" and minus .000", so keep that in mind also. With "Stacking of tolerances", each R9 is one unto itself, so if yours feeds a few different types of ammo but it snot the one you think you want to use, say Gold Dots, you may have to live with the other few that work 100% and forego trying to make Gold Dots work. Your particular firearm just may not like a certain ammunition due to those stacking of tolerances, but if it likes a few others, simply go with those. There are many good rounds out there in today's world of self defensive ammunition rounds, so don't over think it too much. If a certain defense ammo works just fine in your R9, then go with it!
By the way, the lockup area of the barrel looks amazing! If you can just clean up that little bit of debris on the edge, that's all to do. Leave the rest of the barrel alone. Both barrel and the inside of the slide look perfect.

Best to you Sir!


Eric R.

Hello Eric,

I have to start out saying thank you for digging in so deeply on my gun. You are THE expert, and you've helped me immensely!

OK, the hammer spring is it, so I'll check everything in the FCG for binding or other issues that may slow its operation.

I think I get your feed ramp comments. The goal is an hourglass cross-section. Flared at the bottom to keep the open tip of a big mouth JHP round from catching on the ramp as it starts its journey, then narrowing in the middle of the ramp to center the round as it travels toward the chamber, and then flaring again approaching the chamber to allow the round to bottom out on the centerline of the ramp to reduce the round's angle of entry into the chamber as much as possible. That would be perfection. I am not going to mess with THAT. Too many folks go too far with a Dremel. I don't want to make that kind of mistake.

I'll be content with the polishing I performed on the ramp, and see what my polishing the chamber may have accomplished the next time I hit the range. If it eats everything I feed it, wonderful. If not, I'll be very happy the way it handles Critical Defense and Silvertip ammo. It's where you shoot, not what you shoot, when using modern JHP ammo.

Oh, the lockup area of the barrel is burrs. I think the lighting made it look "funky" but there is nothing there. The only thing I'll do to the slide is clean and lube it!

I'll let you know what happens at the range and what I decide.

Thank you again for your help. You built on heck of a piece. There is a lot going on, and a lot of horsepower, stuffed into a tiny package that works so well.

Best to you and yours,


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Re: R9s, how many rounds through me?
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The thing that I find interesting about this discussion is the perceived difference between Critical Defense and Federal HST. My experience has been just the opposite with firing both in the R9. Granted, things do change but several years ago I stocked up on Critical Defense for the R9 after hearing that it was the latest and greatest. I had nothing but light strikes with Critical Defense and I found out why after contacting the Hornady production manager directly. He told me that they do not make their own primers and outsource them to "wherever they can find them" including foreign sources which can be notoriously hard.

Federal and Winchester manufacture their own primers in the USA and are generally known to be relatively softer and more reliable in short barreled 9 mm pistols like the R9.

But, whatever works for you please stay with it. 
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Re: R9s, how many rounds through me?
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I'm glad to have been some help and comfort for you Johnny.

Enjoy the weekend.

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