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Other Guns / Re: S&W Governor
« Last post by Rich3006 on Today at 10:19:06 AM »
Not trying to rain on your parade, but I have never understood this whole .410 in a revolver for self-defense thing.  I remember when it was said a .410 shotgun was not sufficient for self-defense purposes.  If the .410 was not sufficient in a long barreled shotgun, I don't see how it would be viable in a short barreled revolver.  I think there are much better choices for self-defense weapons. 
Rohrbaugh Wish List / Re: Wishing for a 10 round R9
« Last post by PocketRocketLover on Today at 01:17:23 AM »
In response to the above . When Harley came out with other models and styles . It helped BUILD the brand . When the Corvette was offered with a convertible . It sold to hard top purist alike . When  Seecamp offered the 32 and then the 380 to its 25acp line . We all snapped up the 32acp or 380acp or both . Change is the nature of life . In many ways it is the ONLY way for some things to survive in an ever changing world . When Glock offered the new 380 . Many turned their head while turning their hand and snapping one up under the pretext of it being for the "wife" .
The 6500 or so original R9 pups out there will be just that . I wonder how many of us with coin in our pockets are itching to buy something NEW yet have NOTHING that sparks our interest . I would LOVE to own another pup . But am holding off to see what the new minds in the drivers seat will come up with .
As for the comment about the Sccy . I own a Kel Tec P 11 . I see the Sccy as a bullet launcher like the Kel Tec . We can tell time with a Timex . So WHY buy a ROLEX ? But even Rolex knew the importance of offering other models of their Oyster . I would think a 10 round R9 would be snapped up buy NEW buyers driving new life into the brand and giving the new owners a good reason to think outside the box . Dare I say POLYMER framed R9 ? LOL I know I get it . Don't hate me for offering new ideas .
One last thing to anyone looking at an SCCY . If you look on YouTube . One poster doing a short review on it shows that reset on the SCCY is tricky if one has large fingers or fat digits . While I like their repair policy . I am done spending money on budget tools . As my mom once told me . It only costs a little more to go 1st class .
The Water Cooler -- General Discussions / Re: What is your opinion on lasers?
« Last post by JoshA on November 21, 2014, 10:09:22 PM »
Quick pull and shoot from the hip or intimidation. Other than that I don't feel they are for me. I don't like the added complexity really. A little extra bulk, batteries, and something I have experience on 2 different sets of CT's now... They lose their accuracy after being fired and need readjusted. I don't prefer them under most circumstances.

That being said, I do like the laser/light combo on the rail of my G21 for home protection which I may also put on my KSG. I like it because if stalking my home it could be useful and takes up 0 more space than a light.

My US marshal buddy/trainer is vehemently opposed as he claims (as others have on this post) that they impede training with the dependence on something other than the front sight.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR CCW: kind of like switching from a 1911 to a Glock it would not be advantageous to go from sight shooting to laser shooting IMO. This could be a reality in the event of a damage to the laser, dead batteries, switch inadvertently off, picking up BG's gun or just using a different CCW from day to day. IMO IMO IMO
Other Guns / Re: S&W Governor
« Last post by Phsimone on November 21, 2014, 09:58:08 PM »
Thanks gentleman, I am considering purchase for under the nightstand, car etc. The S&W takes 6 21/2" 410 shells or 45acp or long. You can mix your ammo with any combination from what I understand. A little large for CCW I guess. 000 shot should be more than sufficient for HD. Going to see if I can find one at my local GS so I can see how it feels in the hand.
Other Guns / Re: Walther PPK: To Buy or Not To Buy?
« Last post by tracker on November 21, 2014, 09:50:33 PM »

I agree completely; there is no sexier gun than a PPK. The German models are a rare combination of form and function.
Other Guns / Re: Walther PPK: To Buy or Not To Buy?
« Last post by Richard S on November 21, 2014, 08:56:52 PM »
My advice - get the PPK. It is a beautiful classic, and life is short.
Rohrbaugh Accessories / Re: Recommended IWB holster for R9?
« Last post by Rich3006 on November 21, 2014, 08:54:17 PM »
You will have to wait more than a day, buy I like my Crossbreed.
Other Guns / Re: Walther PPK: To Buy or Not To Buy?
« Last post by Rich3006 on November 21, 2014, 08:48:24 PM »
If you want one get it.  I have an Interarms PPK and have had no problems whatever.  It was my carry gun until I got my R9.  I never carried it with the safety on.  It has a long double action pull for the first shot.  I basically used the safety as a decocker.  I never had issues with hammer bite either.  The only down side now to a PPK is that there are now smaller .380's.  But on the others hand I shoot the PPK better than a LCP or the R9.  But like I said, if you want one get one, they are nice guns.
The Water Cooler -- General Discussions / Re: What is your opinion on lasers?
« Last post by backupr9 on November 21, 2014, 08:45:05 PM »
Anyone who can shoot a 642 well in competition is pretty darn good, however I would again suggest that target shooting is different in that awareness of surroundings other than the target may be impaired with laser sights.  It would be great to have data from a controlled study of close range combat tests.  Younger quicker eyes and reflexes weaned on lasers may be the answer.
Other Guns / Re: Walther PPK: To Buy or Not To Buy?
« Last post by backupr9 on November 21, 2014, 08:33:35 PM »
This was discussed on another thread a few days ago.  The Walther is famous for biting the web of the thumb; moreover, reputedly a few have died because the safety is so hard to use they couldn't get it off quickly.  I had one, a beautiful piece, but experienced both problems and traded it it quickly.
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