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Yeah, some of these outfits in the middle east produce very high quality digital information bulletins.

I mean sharp! Like, if you get People Magazine online, or the like.

They have been encouraging their followers and marginal sympathizers to attack military and law enforcement personnel and their families worldwide, most especially in Europe and North America. -Stuff like, "If you don't have explosives, shoot them. If you don't have a gun, stab them, or smash their heads with a rock. Run them down with your car."

I've read these publications.

Last week a couple of Canadian military members were run down with a car. A baby in Jerusalem was killed the same way.

Yesterday those uniformed NYPD officers were attacked on the street in broad daylight by a guy with a hand axe.

Canada has apparently directed their military personnel not to wear their uniforms off duty. I've received updates about public behavior (-as in, maybe I shouldn't eat lunch in public, etc.)

Just coming and going around town, things may have changed. A simple robbery is just one part of the equation these days.
Never mind the snubbie question. I just saw that you are on hight alert there and have gone to the G19 under the LCR heading.

What's this about taking out officers even off duty? ? ?

Who is behind that? Sorry don't listen to much news.
I don't know what class Tracker is in, but he's a very nice guy like yourself IMO.  Thanks to both of ya for the helps and opinions.

Carrying the .38 yet Douglas?
Other Guns / Re: Finally found a sub 2000 today. Snagged it for $359
« Last post by JoshA on Today at 12:36:00 AM »
That is a fine piece Count.

I like the bull pup design. I know nothing about the brand, but it's a fine looking piece.

I like the nasty little sub 2k though. Interesting piece IMO, but you are right the Tavor is the other side of the spectrum for sure.

Classy high end vs down and dirty crude but effective.
I should be so lucky.

I am not in his class.
Thanks Douglas. You are right. I think you two are collaborating  8)

Other Guns / Re: Is the trigger on the LCR as smooth as the R9 ?
« Last post by Douglas on October 24, 2014, 11:52:31 PM »
That's my duty gun. Just got one with rails for a light, since my original doesn't have any.

I often think that, if I had to keep one gun only, it'd be my G26.

And it still probably would.

In Glock Armorer School they gave me a G17 to work on. To be honest, if I could carry one of those on duty I would.


But overall, the G19 may just be the one-single-best combat handgun around, in a world of perfectly serviceable combat handguns, where everyone and his uncle has a preference.

I don't know.

It's one heck of a pistol.

I got a chuckle from Tracker's advice. I think I offered essentially the same in our PM chats, in re: your G27. Pick one and be done.

-That said, (as I did) I do get the "hobby" of it. As I know that you do too.

I enjoy reading, researching, and talking about this stuff. As I know that you do too.

We just always need to separate that from what we actually do every day. Every day we need to be properly prepared to act appropriately.

I saw a couple of cars today, at the evidence impound, riddled with bullet holes. I do not know what caliber they were. One looked like 9mm/.40 and one like .45 (they were bigger. :-\ )

The shooting (meaning the effectiveness) with the smaller shots (8, I think) was worse. The shooting with the bigger shots (6?) was better. There was blood on the driver's seat with the larger rounds. I don't think that says anything about caliber. The shooting just looked better. So that said to me, you need to be able to shoot as well (and as fast) as you can.

I have absolutely no idea what the circumstances were. I was only looking at sheet metal. I have ZERO facts.

Yesterday in one of the outer boros of NYC a nut hacked one kid with a hatchet and bashed in another kid's skull. Finally a couple of guys got there and put the nut down. The 9mm worked fine for that. A lot of rounds were fired. I don't know that it was because so many were specifically required to end the threat, or (more probably) because there were multiple officers firing so the round count goes up quickly. -If you fire three rounds, that doesn't seem crazy. If five officers are on scene and do the same (since there can be no established plan, prior to an event that no one can foresee) suddenly it sounds bad... but it's exactly the same.

That's a BIG part of the problem with any caliber-effectiveness research.

As I told you, in semis I'm a 9mm/.45 ACP guy. In revolvers I like .38 Special.

Beyond that, it's train oneself physically and (more importantly) mentally. I am a firm believer (based on my personal experience) that, if you do this, you will likely never be called upon to prove it. The predators very quickly size-up who they can take and who they can't.
Other Guns / Re: Is the trigger on the LCR as smooth as the R9 ?
« Last post by tracker on October 24, 2014, 11:15:07 PM »

The G19 has been at the top of my rotation and top shelf close to bedside for quite awhile now.
Other Guns / Re: Is the trigger on the LCR as smooth as the R9 ?
« Last post by Douglas on October 24, 2014, 11:05:12 PM »
I'll be the loyal opposition.

I had a borrowed LCR for my range report posted here a month or so ago; give or take.

I didn't like it.  :o

I borrowed it with an eye towards buying one. I found that I preferred the Smith J frame by a WIDE margin. Personal preference only.

I found an odd cylinder-rotation-thing with the LCR (reported elsewhere online) ...when I closed the cylinder and indexed it, it often (too often) wanted to just spin freely.

The trigger was fine, smooth I guess, but I like the two stage of the Smith better. Maybe that's just me and what I am used to. I also wish the R9 had a more positive return.

-Hey, I'm a Glock shooter.  :-X

I was grateful to my buddy for the loaner. I will not be buying an LCR.

Heck, now they are openly (and rather professionally) encouraging attacks against, on duty and off, as well as the families of, American cops. So my G19 has been moving up in the rotation.
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